Full Name
Paul Harris
Job Title
Aurora Multimedia Corporation

Paul Harris was always inventing with electronics and coding since he was the mere age of 9.  He loved his Commodore computer as it was a very graphicly intense for its time.  At 16, Paul started his first company called DigiTrans, which he figured out a way to put 4096 colors on a t-shirt using an Amiga computer, video toaster, and Xerox ink jet printer using subliminal dye ink. (Note:  Back then, it was dot matrix black and white).   He enjoyed attending various carnivals and events making live t-shirt captures. Midway through college he sold the business; “he killed the novelty of the having dots that made up an image on a t-shirt!”

Paul’s first job after graduating was for a videowall manufacturing company. He developed and supported (3) three tube projectors and projector walls.  Shortly thereafter, he was an integrator, in field project management and control system programming. During his tenure, Paul started a company named Zytec which he designed and manufactured audio supervisory systems for 70v paging.

Paul Harris opened Aurora Multimedia in 1998 and has continued to gain unparalleled experience in the AV industry, while also establishing himself as a well-respected CEO/CTO.  Paul is known for his genius inventions throughout the history of AV.  Aurora primarily began as a control system programming company. Two years later he merged Zytec into Aurora and started designing and manufacturing products that would complement AV and control products available on the market as integrator friendly solutions. As time went along Aurora immersed into IP from control to AV over IP.  

Just a few of Paul’s innovations are real time image rotation which started the vertical videowall market, first tuners for commercial Plasma TV (Pioneer), first non-proprietary web based control system platform, first SDVoE 10G AV over IP product, IP transceivers concept, HDBaseT-IP proof of concept for bidirectional 10G AV over IP, first IP transceiver wall plate, first 10G PoE, implemented first Dante with video, HDBaseT 4K60 444 with unshielded cable, and much more.

Paul is currently the Chairperson for the HDBaseT AV Workgroup in charge of developing standards including HDBaseT-IP. In addition, he is creating the world’s first control system organization (ReAX) which will unify control automation and standardize across the industry. While Aurora continues to grow as a company, Paul continues to seek the next invention before any other company does in the AV space. 

Paul Harris