Full Name
Jeffrey Fairbanks
Job Title
Global Head of IT Operations, AV & Media Technology
LT. Jeffrey Fairbanks is the Global Head of IT Operations, AV & Media Technology for Bloomberg and a Signal Officer for the United States Army National Guard.

Fairbanks is a subject matter expert in corporate audio visual and communication systems and was voted Bloomberg's global manager of the year in 2015 and AV Magazine's, Audio Visual Professional of the Year in 2017.

Since 2013 he has been responsible for building an international award winning global AV team at Bloomberg, supporting 4900+ VIP events annually, managing 8000+ digital signage assets across the world and led the redesign and construction of 67M+ unique AV projects.

Fairbanks collaborated with vendors to design and manufacture a custom audio solution tailored to the Bloomberg environment, solving a series of complex audio issues and reducing room DSP cost by 74 percent, creating a cost-avoidance of 29M+ across the Bloomberg ecosystem.

Fairbanks domain comprises the global corporate service desk, global technician deployment, end user hardware installation and support, management / distribution and licensing of 400+ software titles, global mobile technology strategy / support and carrier relationship, business intelligence, incident response and global AV services.

With an organization of this scale, 187 standard operating procedures were developed across the department then built a centralized AV management portal distilling the enterprise AV landscape into a single management dashboard for easy maintenance, analytics and day to day operational governance.

Fairbanks is also the Deputy Operations Officer, 53rd Troop Command, Signal Officer for the New York Army National Guard.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, a Masters in Information Technology Management from Columbia University and executive certifications in leadership, innovation, management and strategy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Jeffrey Fairbanks