Full Name
Terry Cullen
Job Title
1 Beyond, Inc.
1 Beyond founder and CEO Terry Cullen has kept his finger on the pulse of the pro video industry since 1996. 1 Beyond is constantly challenging the video industry with disruptive technology raising the bar in capabilities and value. Current solutions include systems and cameras specifically designed for lecture capture, distance learning, streaming/recording, video conferencing, as well as shared storage to 20PBs and LTO archiving, a computer specialist, electrical engineer and successful entrepreneur, Terry previously founded and ran a semiconductor test equipment company, SemiTech International, and was president of a PC board test company. Earlier, Cullen headed product management at a high-end graphics workstation company, held various management and engineering positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and began his career at Westinghouse Research Labs. He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Ohio Northern University and the Harvard Business School Owner-President Management Program.
Terry Cullen