Full Name
Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey
Job Title
Nifty Method Marketing & Events
A lover of marketing automation, ice sculptures, and pie, Lindsay aims to make marketing, events, and technology easier for associations, corporations and nonprofits. She started her first agency nearly 20 years ago, helping local businesses create and execute direct marketing and planning training workshops for dentists and doctors.

Along the way, she got her CMP, worked with companies like Ford Motor Company, Pathable, ASCD, Sirius XM and the Nonprofit Technology Network, and realized she could never go to an event again without asking herself, “How does that rigging attach to that floating stage?” Through the Nifty Method, Lindsay is passionate about leading her team to always ask “why” and “yes, and what else?” when supporting small and medium sized businesses as they grow and scale to the next level in their sales, marketing and events.
Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey