Most Important Topics Covered

•  What Does Future Proofing          Look Like Today?
•  Collaboration Solutions
•  What Data & How?
•  AV As A Service
•  AV/IT Security
•  Streaming Basics
•  Cloud Shift
•  New AV Standards
•  IoT
•  Active Learning Solutions
•  AV Over Ethernet
•  Artificial Intelligence
•  Wayfinding Technologies
•  Real-time Reporting
•  Networked Audio
•  New Display Technologies
•  Streaming Best Practices
•  Room Acoustic Best Practices
•  When to Hire a Consultant
•  Retrofit Tips & Trick
•  New Stakeholders
•  Programming Tips for Non-         Programmers
•  AV Over IP
•  Portable Streaming
•  QoS Best Practices
•  Legacy AV on the Network
•  Systems Monitoring
•  AR & VR Update
•  Streaming Media Workflows
•  Getting the Best Sound                 During a Videoconference             and more!


•  Share Ideas
•  FREE Registration
•  FREE Hotel Accommodations     for attendees outside a 40           mile radius of the venue.
•  FREE Meals & Cocktail Party
•  High-level encounters
    and peer networking
•  Countless networking
•  Peer exchange sessions,
    industry roundtables and
    daily networking activities
•  Fresh ideas from experts
    & innovators
•  One-on-one access to
    industry experts and
•  A focused preview of
    next-generation technology
•  Accelerate your strategic
   knowledge of available
   solutions, advancements
    and capabilities.

Who Should

•  AV and IT Managers
•  Technology Directors
•  CIOs, CTOs, VPs
    of Technology
•  Technology Coordinators
•  AV Media Engineers
•  Classroom Technology
•  Conferencing and Media
    Services Directors
•  AV and Studio Service
•  Multimedia Managers
•  Collaborative Infrastructure
    and Audiovisual
    Strategy Director
•  Facilities Directors
•  Other staff involved
   in AV/IT technology decisions

Apply for an Invitation

To ensure an optimum experience, the Summit is an invitation-only event for up to 75 qualified technology managers and decision-makers working within facilities and institutions of higher ed, corporate, health care, government and other enterprises facing the challenges of converging technologies.