As the AV industry continues to evolve, the AV/IT Summit provides a place for all parts of the ecosystem to come together in an intimate setting to discuss how best to work together and enable each other to succeed while enhancing efficiencies across the board. 

This event will attract end users and integrators—bringing everyone together in the same room for honest conversations and spirited debate.

This event is not a ‘how-to’ technical event, it’s an event focused on relationships, networking, and thought leadership. You will have conversations here that will only happen here, and leave with knowledge and insights that are unique, not to be found anywhere else. 



End Users—Free Registration

Open to AV and IT Managers, Technology Directors, CIOs, CTOs, VPs of Technology, and other staff involved in AV/IT technology decisions.
Not open to manufacturers/manufacturers reps.


Open to audiovisual integrators, installers, consultants, architects, and technology design practitioners.
Not open to manufacturers/manufacturers reps.
National Geographic Encounter 
226 W 44th Street between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue, Times Square New York, NY 10036

About the venue

At the National Geographic Encounter in New York City, entertainment developer SPE Partners has employed cutting-edge audiovisual technology to take visitors on a stirring voyage through the depths of the Pacific Ocean so visceral it almost makes you hold your breath.

“We had this idea to create this cinematic, walk-through experience and we went to National Geographic and we said, ‘Here’s our crazy idea; we want to do it in Times Square and 60,000 square feet, and we want to use new technology and new media to make people feel like they’re actually going on a dive without getting wet,’” said Alex Svezia, co-founder and managing partner, SPE Partners. “And they said ‘OK, you’re out of your mind; sure, let’s give it a shot." 


To find out about this exciting new backdrop which will host the AV/IT Summit this year, take a look at our recent review. 


Who's In The Room?